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The problem is especially acute at container terminals where shipping line cargo is now on the slowdown due to the economy. There are thousands more
shipping containers entering the country than are being reloaded and shipped back out.

With a little added effort and suitable components the recycled shipping container can easily be transformed to cheap affordable economic and environmentally
friendly accommodation. It is even possible to use recycled materials such as insulation for roofing, and flooring although most containers have solid ply decks,
which can be easily covered. Even the requirement for a swimming pool can be made from a recycled shipping container.

The roof can usually be converted to create a patio or garden area or even a balcony. The first step to building a Shipping Container house is to locate an
architect capable of that kind of process. Gather your design ideas and meet with the architect work on costing and estimate what you wish to build.

The building of a Shipping Container house should cost up to 60% less than a traditional designed house. The container walls can form the sides of the house.
The steel sides can be left in the natural state, or repainted. Doors and windows can be cut out of the sides and ends; the inner walls can be modified when
larger living spaces are needed.

Shipping Containers are economical, ecologically sound, and easily available. They can be purchased from any of our members on this site. A Shipping
Container house can be attractive for those who like a simple, modernistic style, with a heavy emphasis on cheap affordable housing. This concept is touching
the imagination of millions of people; it is limited only by your imagination.

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Shipping container housing
Shipping Container Housing

If you are looking to build a Shipping Container home I am sure we can help you create comfortable and economic
accommodation by introducing you to our parent company Fabrication and Site Services UK.

This type of housing has begun to dot the landscape from Europe to Australia. Each year more than a million shipping
containers go into surplus storage at locations all over the world.